The cosmopolitan neighborhood: Itaewon

Itaewon (이태원) is the area surrounding Itaewon-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea. About 22,000 people reside in this district, and it is a popular area among Seoul residents, tourists and foreigners. Itaewon was home to many American soldiers during the war, today it has become the most multicultural neighborhood in South Korea. Here you can find people of many nationalities, because it is considered a magnet for foreigners due to all the activities and locations you can visit. 

Here you can find international restaurants, clubs, bars and stores. Transportation is not a problem because the subway lines and public transportation arrive without much effort.

Translation by Laura Fino and Angie Salavarria.

Having already talked a bit about Itaewon, what can you do here?

One thing you can be sure of is that you won’t be bored.

Itaewon is known for having a variety of stores where you can find from small accessories to large furniture, and this brings us to our first location: Antique Furniture Street. This is an excellent place if you like antiques. It is a street full of items that were sold by the US army after the war. This has established itself as one of the representative locations of Itaewon, arriving here will transport you to another era.

With an Itaewon Antiques Festival every October and a flea market every weekend, this street always attracts new visitors. It is a must-see place for those who are interested in walking down a medieval European-style street in Seoul.

Photo by Bundo Kim on Unsplash

You can find stores like Flora, full of furniture with styles from centuries past, with porcelain dolls and even chairs. There’s also Prince Antique; the store has products from various European countries, including a piano and an antique chandelier. If you are interested in smaller items, you should visit Vintage & More, where you will find coffee cups and plates from centuries past. You will certainly leave with at least one item from there. On the other hand, if you are interested in music and movies, a good recommendation is Shim´s Antique, which has items such as old movies and instruments.

Itaewon also stands out for its restaurants with incredible and unique flavors, as it has a diverse cuisine. You can find restaurants from all countries and run by foreigners who mostly speak English, facilitating communication for tourists. On the other hand, Korean restaurants are not left out, in them you can try the best preparations of typical Korean dishes. In short, in Itaewon there is a dish for every taste, from nachos to gourmet food.

As night falls, Itaewon doesn’t rest. It is the favorite place of many young people due to its amazing bars, clubs and karaoke. In fact, Itaewon is renowned for its nightlife. The atmosphere in the clubs and bars is thrilling, say the people who have visited them. In Itaewon you can enjoy karaoke with friends or parties with people from all over the world. The party in Itaewon never stops, here it lasts all week. Some bars have free bar for women’s nights, others have live shows with DJs. It should be noted that most of the bars are open to foreigners, however, some are exclusively for South Koreans. Finally, always remember to respect the Korean customs and laws, so that you have an unforgettable experience.

Written by: María Pertuz

Edited by: Katalina García

Photo by Ciaran O'Brien on Unsplash

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  1. Interesting blog, it reminds me of Myeongdong Day Time , we can see faces of K-pop girl group Girl’s Generation, Blackpink, or boy group Exo , Super Junior on shirts as well as on stationeries, and also we can see traces of Winter Sonata, Autumn in My Heart, or My Sassy Girl on displays reminding us of the popular K- Dramas.
    I tried to write a blog about it, hope you also like it

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