The influence of blood types in South Korean society.

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Each culture  has different customs and traditions that pass from generation to generation and thanks to these, a cultural identity that distinguishes each country from others is formed. South Korea is recognized globally because of its culture, and if we investigate more of it, we can see that it is very diverse. They have a great diversity of beliefs and superstitions, from considering number 4 as a bad luck number to believing that if you give shoes to your partner, you will lose that person. However, today we will focus on one, the influence of blood types on personality.

Some time ago, a tendency to classify people by their blood type was created. It is said that this also greatly influences your intrapersonal relationships and, although not all Koreans believe in this (as well as not westerns believe in the horoscope), it has become a very popular phenomenon among them.

According to this belief, people with A blood type are very reserved, shy and educated. They can become very friendly despite being considered that way. They like spending time with themselves rather than being in a group. A disadvantage A blood types have when meeting people is that they find it very difficult to open up to strangers, because they consider its sensitivity can make them easy to hurt. They are considered workers, responsible and punctual people. On the negative side, they tend to be very pessimistic and undecided. They get along very well with their same blood type and AB, and are not compatible with type B.

Type B’s stand out for being the most outgoing people. They are passionate, independent, creative and positive. When they’re focused on something they like, they work hard for it. They are very honest, and for this reason, they say what they think no matter how others feel. They love being the center of attention and can be considered self-centered from time to time. Men with this type of blood don’t have such a good reputation, as it is said that they are not people who seek secure and stable relationships, although they are very good at making friends. They get along very well with type AB but, as we mentioned earlier, they have a bad relationship with type A.

Photo by Dipqi Ghozali on Unsplash

Now let’s talk about type O (the most common blood type, representing 37.4% of the population). For South Koreans, people with this blood type are considered natural leaders, because of the strong personality they demonstrate; although this could be considered as housing, as they are usually very sensitive on the core. They are very greedy and always find themselves working to achieve their goals, sometimes excessively. They don’t get along with commitment and this can affect their relationships from time to time. They are very compatible with AB.

Last but not least, we have type AB, considered unique and surprising people. They are very kind, patient and friendly. This is why they are compatible with some blood types we mentioned previously. They are very smart and organized, always looking to have everything under control. They are very analytical and rational, this helps them a lot in the personal field. They like to be different from others, that’s why they always seek to stand out in everything they do. They are compatible with A, B and O.

Photo by pawel szvmanski on Unsplash

As we can see, this theory has a lot of influence on the Korean population these days, so much so that even when applying to a job, they could ask for your blood type! This can greatly influence your chances, depending on the beliefs of the person you communicate with.

Now, tell us, what is your blood type? Do you identify with the qualities mentioned?

Written by: Angie Salavarria

Edited by: Laura Fino

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