The techniques and details behind the renowned South Korean tattoo style

Have you tattooed your body? Have you ever thought about doing it? Tattoo professionals claim that the cause behind this body modification comes from a desire to mark the body with something meaningful and personal, wear an attractive design on the skin, add a touch of authenticity to individuality, and sometimes cover marks or scars.

Over time, the popularity of tattoos has grown, increasing the number of people with various designs marked on their body. In the midst of this popularization and thanks to social networks, a large number of South Korean tattoo artists have attracted the attention of many people around the world, but what makes their designs so special?

Below you can learn about the techniques and details behind the renowned Korean tattoo style:

One of the aspects that most distinguishes the Korean tattoo style is the technique with which the designs are tattooed: single needle. As its name indicates, this technique is based on making tattoos with a machine that only has one needle, different from the ordinary machine that contains more. This method is ideal for small, minimalist designs and those that contain minuscule details.

The use of colors is another characteristic element in South Korean designs. Korean tattooists are not only recognized for their incredible creativity in incorporating color into their designs, but also for the play of colors that occurs with the watercolor technique that many employ.

In terms of style, South Korean tattoos stand out for their minimalist, delicate and sometimes abstract style. These characteristics arise in response to the single needle tattoo technique, as previously explained, ideal for simple designs or with very small details. Indeed, many Korean tattooists are specialists in the design of realistic flowers and animals, since these tend to be delicate, colorful and composed of many details.

If you are attracted to minimalist, delicate and colorful tattoos, South Korean designs are definitely the indicated source of inspiration to select the ideal one. Even if you don’t have any tattoos yet, the Korean style might be the right fit for you.

Not only does it offer you minimalist designs that gradually take you into the world of tattooing, but also, the single needle technique guarantees less pain and mistreatment on the skin compared to that performed with multi-needle machines.

Now that you have learned more about the techniques and details behind the renowned South Korean tattoo style, you have one more reason to be a lover of Korean culture, and why not, travel to South Korea to mark your body with a work of art.

Written by: Laura Fino


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