Boryeong Mud Festival

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Every July on the Korean west coast, one of the most famous festivals in Korea is held, as it brings together the foreign and local community, providing a place for everyone, whether children, adults, young people, or the whole family.

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We live in a time where it seems that the seven days of the week are not enough because of work, study and other responsibilities, however, it is never too much to have spaces that bring rest and even physical well-being, one of these is the famous mud festival in Boryeong. Many will wonder what is so amazing about an event where people go and apply mud all day, well, this requires that we go a little deeper and understand the reason why this festival started.

Let’s recall that Koreans are well known for the creation of dermatological products that bring undeniable benefits to their consumers and that is the same as with Boryeong mud, it is very rich in minerals such as germanium (protects against hypoxia, reduces hypertension, is a pain-killer and has anti-stress effects) and bentonite (serves to treat dermatitis, relieves digestive problems and purifies the immune system). Given the above, it is clear that this activity is not only to pass the moment but also to take care of our well-being.

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But that’s not all, there are also activities on Daecheon Beach and different games such as mud fights, skating in a mud pool and for those who are not looking for so much adrenaline, there are self-massage areas, mud baths and even sunbathing covered in mud for greater benefits on the skin.

Another positive point regarding the participation in this festival is that it lasts more than a day and you should not worry about where to stay or what to eat, because in this same place you will find everything, the best dishes to eat such as blue crab soup-Kotgaetang (꽃게탕), webfoot Octopus- Jju-Kku- Mi (쭈꾸미), grilled Oyster Cheonbuk-Style – Cheonbuk Gul-Gui  (천북굴구이) or grilled Jumbo Shrimp – Daeha-Gui (대하 구이).

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Unfortunately, these events were canceled in recent years due to the public health crisis we face due to the Coronavirus, however, people can continue to enjoy them from the comfort of their homes, simply carefully cover your entire room with plastic bags or use the yard and fill an inflatable pool with mud. Additionally, through a YouTube channel created by the hosts of the event, you can broadcast certain programs and others so that it can continue to be a unique experience.

It may not be the same, however, we must not forget that the soul of these events starts from having quality time with those we appreciate, we can still do it and in the future, we can return to the beautiful place where it all began.

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And you? Would you dare to go? Of course, I recommend that you do not wear your favorite clothes, because it is very likely that you will not recover them.

Written by: Sara Varon

Edited by: Angie Salavarria


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