Leisure venues in South Korea: the famous Norebang and PC bang

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Despite being a country that dedicates a lot of time to work and study, South Korea has a wide variety of activities to carry out when people have free time and want to have a good time in an accessible way. Both music, singing, and video games are very popular in their society, so they have set up spaces dedicated entirely to these protagonists, giving way to the famous “norebang” and “PC bang”. 

Being places that have gained recognition among adults and teenagers, these spaces are too crowded. It is common for adults after work to go to a restaurant for dinner and after that, go to one of the many norebang in their city, the same happens with students who are looking for an option to release the stress that school leaves them through video games or vice versa. But what exactly are these places?

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The norebang (노래방) are rooms equipped with microphones, colored lights, screens, armchairs, tables, and other amenities, so that people can sing the hits of the moment as well as old school songs, in a private atmosphere with their friends, able to create the right environment to have fun.

These rooms are usually rented according to the time you will use them, and some of them offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and snacks for a better experience. Undoubtedly, it turns out to be one of the favorite places for Koreans, since, in addition to being an accessible place, it helps people to relate much better with others.

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On the other hand, there is the PC bang (PC 방). These places are known for fulfilling the function of an Internet cafe: rent for the time you want to use a computer with Internet access and complementary accessories thereof, however, the experience in these spaces turns out to be much better because the quality of the Internet connection is higher and more stable, giving complete comfort and confidence to play online, which is why these rooms have become even more popular among video game fans and the fame they have achieved today. 

Both young people and adults have decided to make use of these spaces due to the accessibility not only to the computer but also to be able to consume food and drinks; therefore, it is normal that PC bangs are open 24 hours a day, thanks to the high demand they have, however, it is important to mention that these spaces used to limit their services to underage Koreans, since by law, they could not be out of their houses after 10 pm. In 2021, it was announced that this law would be abolished, being January 1, 2022 when it officially ceased to apply.

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In short, South Korea is at the forefront in the recreational area, because no matter what time of the day you are, there will always be some activity to do to have a pleasant and entertaining moment. Have you ever experienced going to any of these places? Which one would you like to go to? Did you know any of these facts?

Written by: Diana Ramírez

Edited by: Angie Salavarria


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