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The South Korean singer Kim Hyun Joong debuted in 2005 with the K-pop group SS501 and later as a soloist in 2011. He is famous for playing roles like Yoon Ji Hoo in Boys Over Flowers, Beak Seung Jo in Playful Kiss and having the leading role in the recent movie Indian Pink, released this 2022, among several other dramas.

After holding three online concerts called “Countdown 3, 2 and 1 Second Left,” Kim Hyun Joong announced the release of his new album “My Sun,” which has twelve songs that will be released in groups of four throughout this year and 2023. At the same time, he released a Japanese mini album called “Song for a Dreamer, it has two songs, the first with the same name as the album and the second is called Super Fire, the main song was chosen as the soundtrack for the Japanese movie “Violence Action.”

Photos by Henecia Korea

At the end of the countdown, Kim Hyun Joong announced to his Henecias (the name of his fan club) the start of his World Tour “THE END OF A DREAM,” explaining it as every beginning has an end and every end has a new beginning, it is cyclical, and because of that, on the cover of the tour the words Start and Finish are shown in the shape of a clock.

Photo by Henecia Korea

The tour began in Seoul (South Korea), passing through Japan, to then arrive again in Latin America; where he started with his first concert in Mexico City (Mexico) on September 30, then continued in Bogotá (Colombia) on October 2, Lima (Peru) on October 4, La Paz (Bolivia) on October 6 and ended in Santiago de Chile on October 10. It was a complete success in each of the countries, despite the cancellation of the Bogotá concert at the last minute due to situations beyond the reach of both the promoter and the singer’s agency. Kim Hyun Joong promised to return to his Colombian fans and give them a special tune “A Night of Bogotá.”

Instagram photos Kim Hyun Joong edited by AdriHyun501

In Mexico and Bolivia, he gave a series of interviews; in the case of Mexico, Poncho Yezka was in charge of conducting the interview with Oye897, where he gave him a taste of different Mexican sweets such as Pelon pelo rico and the famous chapulines. Interesting fact: The singer doesn’t like insects, so it was impressive for the fans to see him taste this Mexican snack.

Photos by Poncho Yezka

On the other hand, in Bolivia, he held a press conference with various national media. Answering questions about his return to Bolivia, he replied “Every time I come to Bolivia, I feel it is my last time, but I remember that the Bolivian people are so warm, loving and kind that I always want to come back” (La Razón Bolivia newspaper). In the same place a commemorative ceremony was held, giving him a recognition by the mayor’s office of the city of La Paz for promoting interculturalism, Kim Hyun Joong showed his gratitude for this detail leaving a message on his social networks promising an unforgettable show.

Photo by siete Bolivia website

 Kim Hyun Joong’s Instagram

Finally, at the end of his time in Latin America, the South Korean singer Kim Hyun Joong said goodbye through his Instagram promising his return to this continent next year to fulfill the second part of THE END OF A DREAM TOUR.

Which countries will he visit? Henecias of Latin America and the world, get ready!


Written by: Adriana Carmen Mercado León

Reviewed by: Sara Varon

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