You’re Going to Love These Tunes When Cooking!

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Very early on Monday morning at work, my chef colleague said to me: “put on some music because it gets lonely.” At that petition, my heart started beating very fast because you know and I know what the result will be if you ask a K-pop lover to play the music. Well, it was a day full of music, color, and lots of K-pop; in short: the best work day ever. Since that was so rare, I set about making a playlist of perfect songs for cooking. I’d like to share and, at the same time, tell you a little about why I think each tune is ideal for listening to while you cook. If you’re ready, let’s get started!

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1. BTS, Just One Day

We start with a sweet song that makes you smile by listening to its first harmony. For me, this is a perfect song to start the day, and when you’re cooking, it’s fabulous to get calm. It’s like saying to yourself: just for one day, everything is fine. Also, if you are a dreamer like me, probably by the time the bridge starts, you are already dreaming of a love story where you and your loved one lie under the sun holding hands. In short, this is a good song to get you in the kitchen in a good mood and eager to prepare even the most elaborate and laborious dish.

Picture by BTS from Spotify

2. Girls generation, The Boys

If there’s one thing you need while you’re cooking, it’s definitely to be wild, and this song by our wonderful GG is perfect for that. I feel that this song is like an anthem that invites you to be brave and determined to take risks. And bravery is necessary when you want to make that impossible cake or that new recipe you’ve seen on Tik Tok that looks so yummy, but you have no idea how it will turn out. “The boys” is a song that empowers  and encourages us (in this case) to cook because, as it says on the bridge, “You’re majestic and strong. You were always great.” So accept the challenge, and cook that recipe you’ve always wanted to try.

Picture by Girls Generation from Spotify

3. GOT7, Just Right

Sometimes no matter how hard we try, the recipe we prepare doesn’t turn out as we expect. It may look okay, but taste it unexpected or strange, maybe also look bad and taste amazing. In both cases, nothing comes out the way we expect. This song is the perfect remedy to remind us that there is nothing wrong with us, that cooking is about failing a thousand times and practicing many more. You have to keep trying, just as you have done so far, to get that dish just the way you want it, and when that moment comes, you will no longer have any doubts about yourself or your cooking skills.

Picture by Got7 from Spotify

4. TXT,  Blue Hour

You have to be careful in the kitchen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. That’s why I’ve chosen this song so that when you  listen to it, your feet will start dancing, and you’ll inevitably smile. Let the blue magic of the sky spread throughout the kitchen and inspire you. I have always believed that our mood passes in what we cook and also in what we eat. So this song is for you to season your dishes with good humor, love, and happiness. Let your imagination run free. Can you feel it? That’s it! Keep cooking. You can do it!

Picture by Tomorrow X Together from Spotify

5. Mamamoo, Um Oh Ah Yeah

Do you know what happens after trying to do things with patience and love in the kitchen? Yes! Everything comes out as planned, and you have to celebrate. If there’s one thing Mamamoo has, it’s songs full of confidence and style, but this one, especially for me, it is like when you start to fall in love with cooking. It’s to listen to those moments when everything goes according to plan, and there are no more bad days, only good ones. It’s a celebration and a statement together: the kitchen doesn’t scare me anymore, and “Um Oh Ah Yes” I think I’m starting to like you.

Picture by Mamamoo from Spotify

6. Big Bang, Bae Bae

Because sometimes being cocky is okay. Filling yourself with confidence to keep cooking is the best thing you can do. Bae Bae is a song that reminds me of that. I know the topic of the tune goes the other way, but to loudly declare that you like that person for who they are and that has you blind in love, isn’t that a very confident person? To me, it is, and declaring it in a song with that seductive and catchy rhythm that makes you get in the atmosphere of being in the best moment of your life is simply extraordinary.

Picture by Big Bang from Spotify

7. Black pink, Ice cream

It’s not just because they talk about “ice cream,” it’s because of the confidence it transmits to me. After some cooking experiences, there are things that come out by themselves because your hands know how to do them without much trouble. This song is for that, is perfect when you’re in your zone, confident that what you’re doing is okay, no matter what the dish is. Ice cream contains that feeling when you know someone likes you and you too. There’s nothing, but confidence because nothing can go wrong.

Picture by Blackpink from Spotify

8. Zion.T, Eat

Food is a pleasure of life. But from time to time we don’t enjoy it as we should, and that’s why this song reminds me that everything we cook is for us and for those we love. It’s not always easy, life has its challenges, and sometimes it turns us upside down, but cooking can be an escape. So, when that happens, make sure you eat something tasty prepared with lots of love from you. And you’ll find that if you try it while listening to this song, you’ll sleep better at night. Everything will be fine.

Picture by Zion.T from Spotify

Let me know in the comments what you thought of the list, and if you have a list of songs for cooking, leave it there too. I always like to listen to new music. I still have many more tunes in mind from several bands I love. Tell me, would you like another list with more songs?

I’m Mar, see you in the next blog, with another interesting topic about food, recipes, or music to eat cake (maybe). Bye bye.

Written by: Marisol Montiel

Reviewed by:  Andrea Ramírez

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