Let’s Explore Some Dramas of the Rom- Com Queen: Gong Hyo Jin!

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South Korean actress Gong Hyo Jin has delighted us in TV and Cinema with excellent productions. She is considered as the Queen of Romantic Comedy, and even her nickname “Gonggvely” refers to her lovely smile that makes people laugh in the dramas she has participated in. Those to date are more than fifteen and almost three dozen movies since 1999; thus having more than twenty years of artistic career. In 2023, she will return to television with the drama Ask the starts  (별들에게 물어봐). In this blog, you will find six recommendations of successful dramas starring this actress.

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  • Pasta (2010)

This drama is about the world of cooking, here the main character Seo Yo Kyung should constantly fight for her dreams, she wants to become a top chef in Korea. It all takes place in the Italian restaurant, La Sfera, She has been working there for three years as an assistant, and after she gets a better position a new person appears. Choi Hyun Wook arrives at the restaurant, where he does not want to share his kitchen with women. There are no real villains in this drama, but it is full of conspiracies, funny conversations, and lots of delicious food. 

  • The Greatest Love (2011)

This is a classic drama that many people recommend – You can watch it on Viki-.  In fact, it was written by the Hong Sisters, renowned screenwriters for dramas such as “You are beautiful” and “My girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox”.  It is about Gu Ae Jung and Dokko Jin: a singer whose fame has faded over time and her career has stuck in scandals with the most famous actor of the moment. The story is full of plot twists with a surprising relationship with ups and downs. Gong Hyo Gin starts in this drama alongside Cha Seung Joon, who is a great actor you can see in  “A Korean Odyssey” on Netflix. 

  • Master’s Sun (2013)

If you are interested in ghosts and the supernatural along with touches of comedy catching your attention, this is the perfect drama for you. Tae Gong Shil is a woman who, after being in a coma for a while, wakes up with a new ability to see ghosts and even communicate with them. An interesting love story develops when she touches the main male character and finds tranquility, and she is able to sleep, so she does not want to be apart from him. This is Joo Jung Woon portrayed by So Ji Bin. Tae Gong Shil is a middle-class woman who used to have a successful and trouble-free life before the accident that put he in a coma, but everything changed, even her personality with these creatures she can see. This love story is not only very beautiful but full of comedy that you will die laughing at many scenes, while in others you will not want to keep the lights off. 

  • It’s okay,  That’s love (2014)

Talking about mental illnesses is still a tabu for many, and this drama approaches several aspects regarding this topic through the story of the writer Jang Jae Jul and the psychiatrist Ji Hae Soo. It also discussed traumas, obsessive-compulsive disorders, the Tourette’s syndrome, among others. Also, family, friends, and love relationships play important roles in the development of this drama. The actress Gong Hyo Jin has a serious role as a doctor, but the funny and humorous moments are not left out. Many attractive people participated in this drama, such as Lee Kwang Soo of the variety program Running Man and D.O of EXO. This drama is a combination between laughter and tears, but it is so good that at least I have watched it four times. Besides, it has more than a dozen awards like best couple, rockie actor award and the Daesang award that was given to Jo In Sung who portrayed the main character. 

  • Jealousy Incarnate (2016)

This drama was aired on SBS between August and November 2016. In this drama, Gong Hyo Jin shares the lead role with Jo Jung Su, who is recognized for his appearance as Lee Ik Joon in the drama Hospital Playlist found on Netflix. Pyo Na Rin and Lee Hwa Shin are involved in a love-hate relationship, they became closer because of Lee’s particular health condition, which Lee keeps as a secret because he is embarrassed about it.  If you want to watch a show about the entertainment industry and how is working in a broadcasting company, this drama is perfect for you. There are some love triangles, and sometimes it is difficult to understand the main character’s decisions, but her determined attitude and willingness to fight make you a fan. 

  • When the Camellia Blooms (2019)

It was aired between September and November 2019. It is about a single mother called Dong Baek who is the owner of a pub named Camellia. She moved from another city to a small place with her child in order to live a quiet life, she found mystery and a serial killer. This drama has laughter and good moments aside from suspense and tears. The role of Gong Hyo Jin as a mother is wonderful and the chemistry with the male lead was so good that they even won the award for Best Couple in the KBS Awards of 2019. Besides, she was awarded the Daesang Award for the first time in her career. In total, this drama won 12 awards, and it can be found on Netflix. 

Finally, it is worth mentioning these dramas share some similarities as the gender and having versatility and multifaceted lead actress. On the other hand, all of them were successful at the time of their premiere, it is clear that she is perfect at choosing roles. Some of them were aired in other countries, even in LATAM. These recommendations will provide you a joyful time while enjoying some good works. What is your favorite drama of the Rom-Com Queen?

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