Angel’s Last Mission, an Unimaginable Reunion

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In many occasions the memory of someone remains deep in people’s hearts, the impact of a friendship and excellent companionship helps to ease the pains and even becomes a comforting breeze full of peace for the soul. Such was the connection of the characters Dan and Lee Yeon Seo played by Kim Myung Soo member of the band INFINITE known as “L” and the great actress Shin Hye-sun respectively.

About the series and character development

Yeon Seo is a ballerina, heir to the Fantasia ballet academy that belonged to her parents who died suddenly. As in many families lacking love and respect, there is a lot of envy and resentment from the family of her aunt Choi Yeong-Ja played by (Do Ji-won) who is the wife of Geum Ki played by (Kim Seung-uk) who are the parents of sisters Geum Ru-Na (Gil Eun-Hye) and Geum Ni-Na (Kim Bo-Mi), other characters that are relevant to this series is the new arts director Ji Kang Woo (Lee Dong-Gun), who has a personal history with Yeon Seo’s past life as in her past life, they were a couple until she gave her life for him and who was also once an angel from heaven, another character is Yeon Seo’s parents’ secretary friend Cho Seung Wan (Jang Hyun-Sung), his personal secretary Chung Yu Mi (Woo Hee-Jin) and the angel’s senior Dan Hoo (Kim In Known) who supports him and wants him to be a good pupil on the road to becoming an angel.

Dan is an angel who has constantly disobeyed orders and tasks on earth, as a consequence, he is assigned a mission in order to return to the kingdom of heaven, he must find the dancer Yeon Seo, who is visually impaired due to an accident she suffered years ago while she was in performance, in which the main light fell on her and one of the crystals affected her cornea. She is a very cold woman due to the adversities she has gone through, which have been caused by her distant relatives in order to be the legal representatives of the Fantasia culture academy.

After a meeting where the anniversary of Fantasia was celebrated, the secretary Cho and she suffered a car accident which Dan witnesses, in which he intervenes when he feels a connection after feeling the call for help from Miss Yeon Seo. Unfortunately in the accident the secretary Cho dies and Yeon Seo recovers her vision after receiving a transplant of which she was the beneficiary of his secretary. It is here where a new path for the protagonists appeared since Dan must fulfill his mission. All the tasks Yeon Seoperformed were done in the company of the secretary when she felt his absence, she suffered trauma and her legs stopped working. This is the moment when she and her secretary Chung Yu Mi, who is always there for her, start looking for a new personal secretary. At this moment, the angel Dan, who is a “temporary human”, sees the possibility of getting close to Miss Yeon Seo.

After a while she decides to come back as a Fantasia dancer, as the new director Ji supports her and wants a great ballet icon who has retired to return to the stage.  With this in mind, she must walk again and practice a lot, Dan realizes that the director has a special interest in Miss Yeon Seo and that is why he decides to tell her that he will help him to get closer to her. But this main objective changes after he spends a lot of time with her and they have a little kiss by mistake, at this moment he feels an attraction that he has never felt before and Yeon Seo also discovers that she is developing feelings for her secretary. It is in this way that Dan begins to have some memories in which he discovers that he had a life before, for which he decides to get away from Yeon Seo for a while while he discovers what is happening, it is then when he decides to go to a city that he thought he saw in his memories looking for answers, it is here where his unknowns are clarified, he finds that before being the angel he is or was, he was a person, he was a human, he discovers that he lived a difficult childhood due to the abuse of an alcoholic father, he remembers clearly that he suffered from domestic violence. However, he also reveals that at that time he had a friendship that helped him to forget so many ailments, it was Yeon Seo, they were great friends, they spent hours playing and being great company, and he was her great spectator when she wanted to practise and show the beautiful art of ballet, although she leaves the place for study reasons in Russia, her friend goes to another country and he has left again in his harsh reality, he discovers that his human self decides to jump into the sea when he is escaping from his violent father, agony comes to his heart when he thinks how hard it was for his past self? He decides to return to Yeon Seo, confessing his feelings to her, which makes the viewers very happy, although there are still many drawbacks in this story: he is not human, he is an angel who has a certain task, so he decides to search for answers as to how he can stay by his beloved’s side. Although director Ji has an answer to this, she must die in order for him to remain on earth as a human, which is what the director went through. When he made his love for his beloved girlfriend known years before, he was banished from the heavens, and just before he disappeared, his fiancée at the time, Yeon Seo’s past life, intervenes and takes the bullet for him, causing her death.

More situations begin to become clear about the tragedies that have happened to Yeon Seo, all of them have been due to her older cousin, who is a sociopath, who has misinterpreted the words and feelings of her mother and younger sister to get what they want, but going over the heads of others, even lives. Her mother realising this is astonished because Geum Ru-Na does not feel guilty for what she has done. Nina who has been just a dancer wanting to do more in her career and to be able to give the best of herself also discovers her older sister’s crimes which scares her a lot and puts her in a very uncomfortable situation, since she has idolized her sister all her life for the unconditional support she has given her, but at the same time she knows that nothing justifies the crimes and feels a lot of guilt for what has happened to her cousin Yeon Seo.

Dan’s senior discovers that she is one of the antagonists of Miss Yeon Seo’s situation and somehow tries to be supportive, even though she knows that Dan is disobeying the orders given. When it is time to be of great help, she is, so much so that she disappears off the face of the earth for helping her ward in one of the encounters with an antagonist in the story.

They realize that possibly they have their time counted so they decide to get married but just after this beautiful event, in one of the events of all the Fantasia dancers, the antagonist Ru-Na decides to attack Dan. Yeon Seo decides to go ahead and she is the one who gets hurt, despite this, she decides to give her last show and then collapses in the arms of her beloved husband Dan, who desperately arrives at the hospital and prays for her health, just at that moment he disappears in front of the director Ji in the waiting room of the hospital.


As a final part, the police see to it that Ru-Na and her parents get what they deserve for all the harm they did. On the other hand, Ni-Na finds herself, she works as a ballet teacher and the energy of her little students fills her heart. Also, the beloved protagonists meet after a wait by Yeon Seo, in which Dan can see her and be close to her, which he thanked heaven for although it was not enough and in the final scene she is walking through the park and sits on the bench where they met for the first time feeling Dan’s energy next to her touching her chest and it is in that moment where Dan’s transition to being a human happens and being able to live with his beloved Yeon Seo as they wished.

Image taken from the official account of actress Shin Hye-sun.

Great recognition in the ballet guild

On June 28, 2019, this amazing drama receives recognition from the Korea Ballet Association for the exaltation that could be seen in the development of the sixteen chapters of the series, with which they seek to highlight the importance of this art in the country and making an invitation to also take into account the ballet in the future and recognize its importance.

Friendship, love, and magical reunions

Finally, it should be noted that it is a drama that makes even the least sensitive people have to resort to a handkerchief to dry their tears. It teaches the importance of living in the here and now, regardless of the limited time that may exist on many occasions in certain interpersonal relationships. In addition, the relevance of the  family, just for having a blood relationship with someone that is not mean you need to have a close relation with them,it is important that people can move away any time from those toxic vibes that can do more harm than good.lso thank the family that life and the universe put in the way, people who became a blessing in difficult times and show that the home should be full of peace, love and above all respect.

It is important to develop resilience, which is the ability to face different adversities and to have an attitude of moving forward in pursuit of one’s dreams. We must not allow words that do not contribute to getting to the bottom of our hearts, we must keep in our minds and hearts those words of encouragement, those attitudes that add to personal projects and relationships that are formed throughout life.

Image taken from a video on the official KOKOWA TV website.


Written by:  Valentina Urbina Mendoza

Reviewed by: Andrea Ramírez


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