Valentine’s Day Playlist

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Love can last forever or end too soon. Sometimes it comes unexpectedly, and other times it is a meticulous game. That is why to celebrate Valentine’s Day, today I bring you eight passionate songs that will make you fly and feel butterflies.


Butterfly by G-DRAGON

We start with a song that talks about the nerves caused by being close to the person you’re in love with. This song is about a sweet and gentle relationship, when you let your armor down,  and instead of feeling butterflies, you end up becoming the butterfly that has to accompany your loved one everywhere. To fully enjoy it, I recommend you listen to it with headphones. Thus, you will be able to appreciate the sweet harmony that GD creates with his voice, and immerse yourself in this modern fairy tale.

Butterfly (feat. JinJung) by G-DRAGON (2009). From Spotify

Darl+ing by SEVENTEEN

This song is a jewel. Happy and captivating. It talks about having that special person close and losing it, due to distance, time, or obligations. But, no matter what has pulled you apart, in the end you know that this person is the one for you. I really like the bridge, and my favorite lyric is: “I see you, you see me. I worry about you, you worry about me.”

Darl+ing by SEVENTEEN (2022). From Spotify

I want to by MINO

This song has me at its feet from moment one, and I can’t resist. It is not a confession or a wish, it is a loud declaration, in which the missing love is expressed, and what is wanted to be done with him is explained once they are together again. I feel like it’s perfect for a movie. At the moment in which the main characters are sitting, face to face, and suddenly, the lights become warmer than normal, at the same time that their intensity begins to decrease. Then the couple gets closer, and when they touch each other they feel the electricity, and without hesitation, they end up kissing.

I want to by MINO (2020). From Spotify

Strawberry Moon by IU

On a night when love floats dizzying after a date. All that remains is a dense fog. You look straight ahead, and after taking a deep breath, she decides that you won’t be afraid anymore. Only then does the strawberry moon appear, and you and your beloved, take a part of it. IU always paint landscapes and tell stories, using sweet and heartfelt metaphors. That’s why there isn’t a song of hers that does not captivate me… It is always good to hear that somebody loved us, but I love that with this melody you can tell your loved one, will you let me take care of you?

Strawberry moon by IU (2021). From Spotify

Telepathy by BTS

Sweet and sticky. It is a song that describes a relationship where neither distance nor time can stand in the way of a bond that is strong and lasting. My favorite line is hands down, “they feel heavy again, these bruised knees.” I feel so in sync with these lyrics that I can’t wait to dedicate them to somebody.

Telepathy by BTS (2020). From Spotify

Let’s not fall in love by BIG BANG

Doubts and more doubts. When love has hurt you profoundly, and you try to move on with your life, the result is uncertainty. You can be sure about what you feel and what that person means to you. But, at the same time, with thousands of doubts and fear. This song is for when you are indecisive, and you think it is better not to put labels and stay forever as it is now. The truth is that life is ephemeral and there is only one chance, so when the time comes, say without hesitation: stay with me.

Let´s not fall in love by BIG BANG (2016). From Spotify

눈,코,입 (Eyes, Nose, Lips) by Taeyang

A timeless classic. So much so that, in twenty years, we will continue singing it at the top of our lungs. I like the piano melody and Taeyang’s voice the most. Both stand out throughout the song. The lyrics are simple, and it tells us about the melancholy of having lost that special someone. 눈,코,입 (Eyes, Nose, Lips) is for when the memory is a burning flame that transports you back to when their eyes, ears, and nose were present in your life, yet now all that is present is their memory. I know it sounds sad, but it’s a beautiful goodbye song, which in real life ended in “happily ever after”.

눈,코,입 (Eyes, Nose, Lips) by Taeyang (2014). From Spotify

Stay with me by Taeyang, G-dragon

This is by far my favorite love song. It is a confession to the rooftops, a request, and a desire. The lyrics are candid and direct: for better or for worse. “Stay with me forever.” Who doesn’t want to hear that said? I’m sure if someone tells me “stay with me” in such a melodious and confident way, I’ll faint!

STAY WITH ME by TAEYANG, G-DRAGON (2014). From Spotify

What did you think of these songs? Have you already heard them? I would love to read what you think of each of them and which one has been your favorite.



G-DRAGON. Heartbreaker. (2009). [Imagen de archivo]. Spotify. Spotify – Heartbreaker

SEVENTEEN. FACE THE SUN. (2022). [Imagen de archivo]. Spotify. Spotify – Darl+ing – song and lyrics by SEVENTEEN 

MINO. TAKE. (2020). [Imagen de archivo]. Spotify. 

  1. STRAWBERRY. (2021). [Imagen de archivo]. Spotify. Spotify – strawberry moon

BTS. BE. (2020). [Imagen de archivo]. Spotify. Spotify – Telepathy – song and lyrics by BTS

BIG BANG. MADE. (2016). [Imagen de archivo]. Spotify. Spotify – LET’S NOT FALL IN LOVE – song and lyrics by BIGBANG

TAEYANG. RISE. (2014). [Imagen de archivo]. Spotify. Spotify – 눈,코,입 (Eyes, Nose, Lips) – song and lyrics by TAEYANG

TAEYANG, G-DRAGON. RISE. (2014). [Imagen de archivo]. Spotify. STAY WITH ME – song and lyrics by TAEYANG, G-DRAGON | Spotify

Written by: Marisol Montiel

Review by: Luisa Quintero

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