Kim Hyun Joong Releases His Third Regular Album “MY SUN”

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Photo by Kim Hyun Joong’s Youtube Channel

In 2022, the singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong announced the start of his world tour “THE END OF A DREAM”, starting in Korea, going through Japan and visiting again some Latin American countries such as Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and Chile, to then make three more stops in the United States and thus culminate the first part of the tour. Along with the world tour announcement, the singer announced the release of his third regular album “MY SUN”, which would be released in three parts, every three months, with each part consisting of four songs.

Photo by Kim Hyun Joong’s Youtube Channel

The first part was released on August 17, 2022, with the songs “Lead me in your way”, inspired by the arrival of man on the moon; “Expecto Patronum”, named after the Harry Potter spell, the song is a way to drive away fears and sadness, just by calling them (Kim Hyun Joong), Henecia (his fans) will drive away all the bad things; “Sickness”, a song that was written for the entire situation given by COVID-19 and the feelings that it generated in him; and, finally, “Childlike”, which talks about his childhood memories, and it is the only one from this first part that has a music video on his YouTube channel.

Cover MY SUN Vol. 1
Childlike video

The second part of the album was released on November 23, 2022, with the following four songs: “Binggle Binggle”, which is a song with a psychedelic touch; “a Tearful rain”, that talks about those who leave, and presents a melancholic and lonely touch; “Prism Time”, a song that was written to his fans with words of strength for the difficult times we have experienced worldwide; and “Hello My Daddy”, written for his pets (two puppies, one named Art and the other named Matic) who have been with him for more than 10 years. This last one has an animated MV, in which we can see how Art and Matic came into his life and have accompanied him throughout it. The video is really emotional and it is inevitable not to shed a couple of tears when watching it.

Cover MY SUN Vol. 1
Hello My Daddy video

On February 27, the singer Kim Hyun Joong released the last four songs from the album MY SUN. And as a celebration, the artist held an Online Showcase on his YouTube channel, where he talked about the meaning of each of the songs and how he worked on them, placing special emphasis on the last four, where they were presented to us; one of them is Cupid’s Arrow, Hyun Joong during the live said that “this is a declaration it’s like showing my goal “I’ll make you love me!” is the goal” (2023). The next song he introduced us to was Moon, sun, Your song, and what the singer said was that “this song is about how I hope the sun and the moon always shine on you, so don’t worry, every hour they will be there for you, the air will always be around you, all of nature is there for you, so please don’t be sad” (Kim Hyun Joong, 2023). The next one he introduced to us during the showcase was Take me home, the message he has for this song Kim Hyun Joong is very sweet and he said “so this song is about how I became a father like him (like his father) understanding the burden and responsibility, so please rest, go home and relax, is what I want to say to my father” (2023). Finally the main song MY SUN that within this quartet is the song that was released with Mv and that the main message that the singer wants to convey is that “it’s a song for all the precious and special people, my friends, family and my fans HENECIA, the first verse is for all the parents, the second verse is for all the children in the world, and the third is for everyone who loves me and I love” (Kim Hyun Joong 2023). As has been seen throughout the blog, the album has very sweet messages that express the artist’s feelings, support and love for all those who love him and who love him, providing special support to his fans in the hardest moments. that we have lived as humanity. Likewise, the singer adds during the showcase, after the presentation of MY SUN’s Mv, “what I wanted to show through MY SUN is my entire solo career,I have many songs,it was a culmination of all those songs, so all the songs appear throughout the last part… I want to give you closure, it’s all for my fans and my beloved, I want to protect them and I want to be their light, that’s the message I want to give” (Kim Hyun Joong 2023).

Photos by Online Showcase - Kim Hyun Joong’s Youtube channel
Photos by Online Showcase - Kim Hyun Joong’s Youtube channel
Photos by Henecia.Official
Photos by Henecia.Official

Kim Hyun Joong’s company announced that a concert will be held on March 4 at 7:00 PM in Korea with the same name as the album “MY SUN”.This concert will be held both in person and online, through MyMusicTaste platform. Likewise, for both Korean and foreign fans who will be present in Korea for those dates, Kim Hyun Joong’s company will be organizing a special event called “Welcome Party” that will have  various benefits such as taking a group photo with the artist, a gift from the new album, participate in the autograph session, and witness the live performance and talk show. In addition, on the day of the concert, fans who purchase this package will also be able to enjoy the rehearsal.

Photo by Henecia Korea

For this year 2023, Kim Hyun Joong plans to continue the world tour by visiting new countries around the world, so that fans can enjoy his music, both his new releases and his most iconic songs. The album “MY SUN” has already been released and you can enjoy its music through all digital platforms and also purchase the album physically. The content is very special for both the fans and Kim Hyun Joong, as he has written each of the songs and arranged them together with the Gemini Band. In addition to transparently expressing his feelings through each of the new songs on the album. Please give him a lot of support!

Written by: Adriana Carmen Mercado León

Reviewed by: Luisa Quintero


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