Quiz: Choose What to Eat, and We’ll Tell You Which 2009 Song You Should Listen to

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In those days in 2009, K-pop was full of electronic dance-pop and electro-pop sounds, extravagant videos full of colors, and choreography full of energy. I had a great time that year, musically speaking, and I want to share a little about that with you. In this blog, I invite you to choose what to eat for each situation and find out which song from 2009 you should listen to.

After hearing the alarm and getting up, the second thing on the list is having breakfast. What do you choose?

1) Yogurt and fruit

Fábio Alves (2018)

2) Sandwich

Hybrid Storytellers (2022)

3) Cereal and milk

freestocks (2016)

4) French toast

Vicky Ng (2021)

It is noon, and your stomach begins to demand food. You take your lunchbox, and there is fruit on it. What fruit is there?

1) Strawberry

Sviatoslav Huzii (2020)

2) Mango

Fedor (2020)

3) Watermelon

Rens D (2021)

4) Tangerine

Sahand Babali (2020)

You are hanging out with your friends downtown, and you decide to eat at your favorite Korean restaurant. What do you choose to eat?

1) Bibimbap (비빔밥)

Nikolay Smeh (2020)

2) Tteokbokki (떡볶이)

gilwe1314 (2017)

3) Kimchi jjigae (김치찌개)

Choi sungwoo (2021)

4) Bulgogi (불고기)

Ryan Kwok (2019)

After the meal you want something sweet, what dessert do you prefer?

1) Blackberry pie

Diliara Garifullina (2020)

2) Brownie

Molly Keesling (2021)

3) Cookies

Rita E (2016)

4) Candies

Joanna Kosinska (2018)

It’s snack time and time to get off work/school, it’s been a hard day, and you deserve some coffee. What’s your choice?

1) Cappuccino

Harris Vo (2018)

2) Express

Amirhosein esmaeili (2020)

3) Tea

Alison Marras (2017)

4) Latte

Jeanie de Klerk (2019)

It’s been a tasty pick, but you’re still in the mood for one more appetizer; you decide that it will be ice cream. What flavor?

1) Chocolate

Mae Mu (2020)

2) Pistachio

Jason Leung (2018)

3) Strawberry

Svitlana (2021)

4) Vanilla

Dana DeVolk (2019)

You are already at home with your pajamas on and ready to see the K-drama of the moment. What snack do you have?

1) Chips

Emiliano Vittoriosi (2018)

2) Pop corn

Yulia Khlebnikova (2020)

3) Chocolate

Pushpak Dsilva (2020)

4) Gummy bears

Amit Lahav (2020)

Good choice, now what drink do you accompany your snack with?

1) Soda

sorin popa (2020)

2) Juice fruit

Johanna (2021)

3) Milk

Kim Gorga (2018)

4) Milkis

Samia Liamani (2019)

Let’s see the results!

8 to 13 points

2EN1 (2009)

Lollipop by 2EN1 ft BIG BANG

You will fall in love with this song as soon as you hear it because the feeling that it will leave you will not be for a moment. Refreshing and sticky like a cherry popsicle. The lyrics will stay with you and even before you noticeit, you’ll be singing the chorus over and over again.

14 to 19 points


너라고 It’s You by SUPER JUNIOR

This song screams forbidden love and invites you to be brave to continue with that relationship condemned by everybody. It is for when the heart burns with love for that person because there is no one anymore.

20 to 25 points

KARA (2009)

Honey by Kara

If your love is not sure how you feel about him or her, this song is perfect to let him or herknow your exact feelings. Because all you need is a goodnight kiss and that person you love stays with you.

26 to 32 points

Girls' Generation 소녀시대 (2009)

Genie by Girls’ Generation 소녀시대

The goddess of fortune has spoken and declared that the world is yours , and this song will accompany you while your dreams come true. Because with its rhythm and sweet enveloping vocals, anything can happen, and you will be the superstar.

What did you think of the quiz? Did you already know any of these songs? If you like it, don’t forget to share it and tell us what score you got. See you later!

Written by: Marisol Montiel

Reviewed by: Luisa Quintero


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