Raftel Cosmetics: The New K-beauty Brand

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South Korea is one of the biggest exponents in the world in terms of cosmetics and skin care. Thanks to the recent rise of Korean fashion and K-pop, the beauty industry has become even more popular in Asia and globally, making South Korea the biggest exporter of beauty products. For this reason, there are endless Korean brands such as Missha, Tony Moly, COSRX and iHerbs that are recognized and used worldwide. In the same way, new makeup and skin care brands are born every day, so if you are interested in the K-beauty world, I invite you to continue reading this blog and learn more about the new brand Raftel Cosmetic and all the benefits offered by their products.

Photo by Raftel Cosmetic

Raftel Cosmetic is a new line of cosmetics and skin care created by the singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong. It was released for sale in February 2023, and its creator has mentioned that his goal is to provide skincare products for his fans,  that is why he launched the brand. Likewise, the brand expressed:

“We set out on a long journey in search of a world that does not grow old. At the end of that great journey, we found an island called Raftel, a mysterious world of dreams and hopes. The people there had bright, beautiful faces. I found the golden key to go. Raftel’s beautiful journey. youth signal.” (Raftel, 2023)

Thus expressing its goal of providing youth with its products.

Photo by Raftel Cosmetic

The first products launched by the brand are dedicated to the care and prevention of aging, to achieve glowing and moisturized skin. Raftel Cosmetic has various products, such as purifying masks, which have anti-wrinkle moisturizing ingredients, blockers, and complex hyaluronic acid. They also have a multi-defense toner against UV rays that has SPF 50+ sunscreen, and a toning cream that also serves as a makeup base that is waterproof and keeps skin clear and glowing. Another product offered by the brand is the perfect revitalizing cream for the eye contour, which has the benefit of providing moisture to the skin around the eyes, keeping it shiny and elastic.

Raftel Cosmetic also has 10PM Intensive Serums, a kind of night serum that contains 15 kinds of amino acids and 8 types of hyaluronic acids to keep skin elastic, smooth, and rich in moisture. In addition, the 7AM Intensive Serum serves as a morning serum to give skin a whitening glow and viability. Until now, the best-selling product of the brand is the moisturizing toner, special to keep the skin moisturized, smoothing the skin’s texture. Raftel Cosmetic promises that with  constant use, you will be able to notice and achieve healthier, furthermore, more youthful-looking skin.

Photo by Raftel Cosmetic

So now you know, if you love this world of K-beauty and want to enjoy better-looking skin, you can try this new brand that offers many anti-aging benefits. If you are not located in Asia, Raftel Cosmetic is shipping internationally. To purchase their products, you can visit their page https://m.rft.co.kr or their Instagram account @raftel_cosmetic, where they update the information about their products and carry out different raffles.

Written by: Adriana Carmen Mercado León 

Reviewed by: Luisa Quintero


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