Do Dreams Come True? K-pop Fan Experiences

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The dream of every K-pop fan is to meet their favorite group or idol. This, thanks to the growing popularity of K-pop, is no longer something as difficult or impossible as before since currently many artists visit various countries around the world, not only limited to Asian countries but also Latin American countries such as Mexico, Peru, Bolivia, and Chile, among others. On this occasion, I conducted various interviews with Bolivian fans, specifically, fans of the renowned singer Kim Hyun Joong who had the opportunity to visit the country three times: in 2018 with the HAZE world tour; in 2019 with BIO-RHYTHM; and his most recent tour in 2022 with THE END OF A DREAM. Throughout the blog, fans will tell us about their experiences and feelings when seeing their favorite idol face-to-face for the first time.

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The first question asked to the fans was, what did you feel at your first Kim Hyun Joong concert? Ana tells us “it is something that I cannot explain with words, when I saw him singing I had a feeling of emotion and joy. I couldn’t believe it was in front of my eyes, and I fell more in love with him.” On the other hand, Jhanett shares with us “it was an inexplicable feeling, since at first, I felt nervous to see Kim Hyun Joong in live and direct, but later I felt happy to be able to listen to him, and at the same time it gave me satisfaction to be able to sing along with him.” Finally, Linzett tells us “it was a unique emotion to be able to see him up close, the adrenaline rush of seeing him sing and dance so close made me want to go to a concert in Korea where maybe I can get an autograph or a photo.” Certainly, for each of them, the moment was magical and inexplicable, and I feel that through his words they can convey the happiness they felt when they saw him face to face.

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The second question was, do you believe that dreams come true? Jenny tells us “I believe that everything that is hoped for with faith comes true. Dreams are that, desires. Faith moves mountains.” Likewise, Adriana P. shares these beautiful words “I believe that dreams do come true because, I remember well just that year, before Kim Hyun Joong announced his arrival in Bolivia, I had thought that I would never arrive here and I had planned to go to Peru if he was going because he had already arrived there before. So, the fact of knowing that he was going to be in my country and the fact of seeing him was incredible, after admiring him since 2011, being able to meet him in person was my dream come true.”  In the same way, Ana answers the following, “yes, it comes true, I always wanted to go to his concert, be part of the fandom and have a group to do activities for him. The only thing I need is to sign up for the official fan club, and I’ll do it next year, I’m already collecting.” Undoubtedly, for many, it was great news that the artist will visit Bolivia, but especially for the fans who have been following him for more than 10 years, it was definitely a dream come true. I feel that it is a great success for artists to visit countries so far away, since that way they can connect with all the fans who have been following them for a long time.

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The third question was, in general, what would you say to K-pop fans about attending concerts of their favorite artists or groups? One fan told us, “I personally would like to tell you that anything is possible. If you get the chance, don’t think twice. These experiences are only once in a lifetime. Being able to meet face to face with the people you admire so much and have followed for a long time is incredibly magical” (Adriana). Jhanett also said “I would tell them that if they have the opportunity to go to a concert of their favorite artist, it is an unforgettable journey and experience, and it is also very pleasant.” Another quite wise comment was the one made by Linzett: “that they are respectful, that they always support them since our artists work very hard to be able to offer us their shows.” Certainly, as we discussed before, dreams do come true, and working hard and never stopping to support them brings us closer to achieving that dream.

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The fourth question was, what was your first Kim Hyun Joong concert impression? Adriana P. tells us “the truth is that I fell more in love with him and it confirms my idea that I will always admire the person and great artist that he is. Besides, it leaves you with a feeling of waiting to see him again, and it feels like when you saw him in videos or in a novel for the first time and you liked him or fell in love with him. that moment feels like that.” On the other hand, Jenny briefly comments on “the feeling of wanting to do it again.” Finally, Ana said that she felt “joy and a lot of love. I still remember that feeling of wanting to sneak across the stage to where he was in order to interact. Unfortunately, I don’t know his language well, so communication would be very difficult. Clearly, being able to see and listen to your favorite artist creates such an adrenaline rush that once you know that feeling all you want is to feel it again.”

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Finally, the fans added “I wish more K-pop artists could come and get to know Bolivia and their fans, in order to have better access to the items and merchandise they put out” (Linzett). “I hope that very soon many more fans, not just Kim Hyun Joong’s, can and will have the opportunity to attend their favorite artists’ concert. If I had to give advice, I would say save money, you never know when they launch ads” (Adriana). “I would like to say to all K-pop fans to never stop supporting their artists. They put their soul, life, and heart into what they do, and one way to thank them is to always be with them and support them through thick and thin” (Adriana P).

So you know, never lose hope. You never know when your chance to fulfill your dream will be. Never stop supporting your favorite artists, because, as this blog said at some point, they work very hard to provide the best shows.

Written by: Adriana Carmen Mercado León 

Reviewed by: Luisa Quintero

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