HENECIA LET’S PARTY! – Happy Birthday Kim Hyun Joong

Henecia Let’s Party

The brightest star in the universe “Kim Hyun Joong” was born on June 6, making it a very special day for Henecia (Kim Hyun Joong fandom). That is why Henecia around the world, has been surprised with various projects in their countries and also in South Korea. Likewise, Henecia has sent various gifts to his company to show all their love and gratitude to the artist. For this reason, Kim Hyun Joong decided to celebrate in a big way with his fans by organizing a fan meeting called HENECIA LET’S PARTY!, which was held on June 3, at Sogang University in person and online, meeting all his fans around the world. Thus, throughout this blog, we will tell you the highlights of this long-awaited party.

Henecia Let’s Party

The fan meeting began at 7:00 p.m. South Korean time, where both, in person and virtually fans from all over the world met. The fan meeting was planned to last two hours, which in the end ended up lasting almost three hours, so Henecia really enjoyed a show of full music with both, the artist’s songs and covers, conversations where Kim Hyun Joong interacted with his fans present, activities such as draw for the fans, a raffle of paintings that he painted, games with his fans and the most expected of the night, dancing.

Henecia Let’s Party
Henecia Let’s Party

Something pretty lovely from Kim Hyun Joong is that during the fan meeting he asked his fans what they really want or what their dream was, to which the fans responded to have a Hi-Touch session at the end of the show. Thus, the singer decided to make Henecia’s wishes come true, this is because due to the pandemic he had not held a greeting session for a long time, at least in South Korea. Kim Hyun Joong has always stood out for being very kind and accommodating to his fans since he always says that thanks to Henecia, he can continue doing what he loves, which is singing and going on stage.

Henecia Let’s Party

Likewise, Kim Hyun Joong fulfilled one of Henecia’s biggest wishes, which was to see him dance again on stage, even though it was a short dance, the artist gave an unforgettable show, where Henecia felt heart-struck to see such movements and the charisma that always accompanies him. Of course, he was the icing on the cake of that wonderful night. Let’s hope to continue seeing him dance in his next performances since he definitely drives his fans crazy.

Henecia Let’s Party
Henecia Let’s Party

In this way, the fan meeting culminated, where five lucky Henecias from the public took the paintings painted by the artist, another five fans from the online public took an autographed photo, and above all, each Henecia from around the world had many memories with Kim Hyun Joong. Henecia around the world, never stop loving our beloved angel Kim Hyun Joong!

Henecia Let’s Party
Henecia Let’s Party

Written by: Adriana Carmen Mercado León 

Reviewed by: Luisa Quintero

1 comentario en «HENECIA LET’S PARTY! – Happy Birthday Kim Hyun Joong»

  1. Estimada Adriana
    muchas gracias por esta hermosa nota que realizaste para nuestro amado artista. Él merece buenas y hermosas reseñas por su arduo y comprometido trabajo lleno de amor y talento.
    Saludos de una henecia, atte.

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