Gemini Band: Who are they?

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Author: Adriana Carmen Mercado León 

In 2015, the singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong, before enlisting in the military, went on a tour in Japan called the Gemini Tour with a more rocker touch, accompanied by a live band, who had the same name. In the same way, upon returning from military service in 2017, the singer held his first fanmeeting to meet his fans in Japan, also performing with mentioned band. The same year, Kim Hyun Joong started a new tour in Japan called Innercore Tour, again accompanied by Gemini Band. It was then when  the presence of the members of the band became more frequent both in the tours carried out in Asia and the world, as well as in the production and composition of the new music by Kim Hyun Joong. Thus, throughout this blog, we will tell you who the members are, what their roles are within the band, the work they do with the singer, and what they do apart from being part of the Gemini Band.

Gemini Band. Taken from Instagram.

Gemini Band is formed of five members, Kim Seo Hyun, is the bassist and also the leader of the band. She stands out for playing the bass incredibly well, even up to five strings, giving a special touch to Kim Hyun Joong’s songs. Ku Myoung Gil is the drummer and has played drums on several occasions, such as on the acoustic version of the song “I’m a Million”. Kim Bitna, the band’s pianist/keyboardist, stands out for her amazing skills performing different notes and changes, astonishing Henecia with every accompaniment she performs. Kim Eun Chong, one of the guitarists, always amazes with his great ability to play punchy notes and use his acoustic guitar as a percussion instrument as well. Finally, Park Jun Hyung, also a guitarist, has incredible guitar-playing skills, as more than once he has impressed Henecia during concerts by playing the guitar with a slide (like a glass) giving an incredible sound to the songs.

Gemini Band. Taken from Instagram.

Throughout these years, Gemini Band has become a fundamental part of the composition and arrangements of the music that Kim Hyun Joong has released, since they have participated in the arrangements made for MUSIC IN KOREA 1,2 and 3, as well for the arrangements made to the songs of the Online Concert Series “PRISM TIME” during the pandemic. Likewise, in the composition of lyrics and musical arrangements, especially in the last two albums released by the artist “A Bell of Blessing” and “My Sun”.

Gemini Band's participation in the albums. Taken by AdriHyun501.
Gemini Band's participation in the albums. Taken by AdriHyun501.

The members of Gemini Band are not only dedicated to work with Kim Hyun Joong, some of them have their own bands like Park Jun Hyung who is part of Julia Dream (a band that belongs to Henecia). As for Kim Eun Chong, he is part of the band Eternal Sunshine, as well as a great guitar collector. Kim Seo Hyun has worked with different artists and at different events like Seoul Music Week. Finally, Kim Bitna recently became a mother, so she is seen working with the band and focused on her family.

Gemini Band. Taken from Blog.

Currently, the members of Gemini Band continue to work hard together with Kim Hyun Joong, delivering amazing music to Henecia. In the same way, the band has won the hearts of each of the Henecias in the world, since each of the members are not only co-workers of the artist, but they are also great friends of the artist, and have shown unconditional affection towards Kim Hyun Joong.

Written by :Adriana Carmen Mercado León

Reviewed by: Luisa Quintero

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