What is Jaksal Chicken?

Author: Adriana Carmen Mercado León 

Surely, on more than one occasion, you have heard that South Korean fried chicken is one of the most delicious and crunchy in the world. Even when we watch different Korean dramas, we can’t help but want to try this deliciousness. That is why, throughout this blog, I will tell you what Jaksal Chicken is, how it was born, and some curiosities about this restaurant that, for many fans of singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong, have great meaning.

Jaksal Chicken

Jaksal Chicken is a fried chicken restaurant located on the first floor of Seokcchong-dong and Songpa-gu in Seoul. The restaurant not only serves chicken but also dishes that Kim Hyun Joong likes, such as Tteokbokki (stewed rice cake), Mandutang (dumpling soup), and Omoktang (fish cake soup), and is the ideal place for fans of the artist to enjoy all these delicacies. Over the years, Jaksal Chicken has opened different locations in South Korea and even has two more in Japan. However, due to the difficult times of the pandemic, the branch located in Seoul, which is the only one currently operating in South Korea, thought about closing due to the few sales that were made, but fortunately, today, it’s still working.

Jaksal Chicken

The fried chicken restaurant was founded by Kim Hyun Joong and two of his elementary school friends, Kim In Yong and Lim Jun Yeon. The idea was born because, from a very young age, the three of them worked in different restaurants as waiters, and they wanted to have their chicken restaurant that would be successful. It was thus that they opened the famous Jaksal Chicken with several branches in the beginning. For a while, Kim Hyun Joong’s mother was the manager of one of its branches, and then she left it in the hands of Lim Jun Yeon so that it would not close since she could no longer take over the restaurant for health reasons. Currently, the singer’s childhood friend manages the only remaining branch of Jaksal Chicken in South Korea, which was the one managed by Kim Hyun Joong’s mother.

Jaksal Chicken

As I mentioned at the beginning of the blog, Jaksal Chicken is very special for the singer’s fans because it is the meeting point for fans every time Kim Hyun Joong has a performance in South Korea. Fans usually go to eat before and after each concert, and it should be noted that not only Korean fans but also fans from all over the world come to share their experiences with the artist. Likewise, fans send rice crowns to this place in the name of Kim Hyun Joong and other gifts and projects on each special date.

Jaksal Chicken

Finally, if you like fried chicken or Kim Hyun Joong and you plan to visit South Korea or Japan, you cannot miss the opportunity to visit this incredible restaurant, where surely, in addition to tasting delicious food, you will be able to enjoy an atmosphere full of music. and good company.

Written by: Adriana Carmen Mercado León

Reviewed by: Luisa Quintero

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  1. Hi Adriana,
    I was looking at her comment about Kim Hyun Joong’s jaksal chichen restaurant and I really liked it. Could you tell me if the restaurant located at 11 baekjegobun-ro 39 – gil in Songpa-gu is still in operation? I was looking on Google Maps and the place has changed a lot and has no sign. Did only the address change? Could you please inform me and I think there must be several people with the same question.
    Thank you and I look forward to hearing back

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