Kim Hyun Joong joins the cover trend

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Author: Adriana Carmen Mercado León

Kim Hyun Joong. Taken from Henecia Korea.

Since last year, different K-pop singers and groups have been seen performing different music covers, such as Flowers (cover by Yuqi), Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (cover by Lia), or At My Worst (cover by P1Harmony). This trend has been joined by the singer and actor Kim Hyun Joong, in a somewhat different way because he not only covered one song but has taken out a whole section on his YouTube channel. For this reason, in this blog, we will talk about the covers that he has done and how he has presented them.

Cover by P1Harmony. Taken from Google.
Cover by Yuqi. Taken from Google.

As we well know, Kim Hyun Joong has a YouTube channel where every Wednesday he not only shares releases related to his music but also videos of his daily life, challenges, behind the scenes of his tours, and special sections like MUSIC IN KOREA, where he links his music with the places you should visit in South Korea. Recently, to all this was added a new section called [PLAYLIST x COVERS] KIM HYUN JOONG, where he shares various covers in both Korean and English.

Kim Hyun Joong Youtube Channel. Taken by AdriHyun501.

This new section was launched on April 5th of this year, and so far it has 16 covers. The theme of the videos is simple: it is Kim Hyun Joong with headphones walking or sitting admiring the landscape, the song is only heard in the background, sung by the artist, and in the videos you can see various landscapes and places, with the lyrics of the songs. The first song was Event Horizon, an original song by Younha; one of the songs with the most reproductions is I Won’t Let Go, an original song by Rascal Flatts, which is accompanied by images of the fan meeting he had on his last birthday. The latest release is the Champagne Supernova, original song by OASIS, which Kim Hyun Joong at some point commented was one of his favorite songs.

Taken by AdriHyun501

All the songs are beautiful, but the one I highly recommend is [PLAYLIST x COVER] KIMHYUNJOONG – Fix You (Original song. Coldplay), which has a slight change because Kim Hyun Joong is sitting in front of a wall, and when the song reaches its climax, photos of the concerts that the singer has had around the world are projected. All the memories and unforgettable moments that he has spent with his fans. At the end of the video, Kim Hyun Joong leaves a beautiful message for his fans, which surely has made many of them shed more than one tear: “I will always be by your side.”

Taken by AdriHyun501

If you want to know more about Kim Hyun Joong, his career, what he does in his daily life, and especially if you do not want to miss this amazing section of covers, remember to visit his Youtube channel. I promise you will definitely love it!

Reading pair: Anna Franco Ucar

Revised by: Luisa Quintero

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