Korean horror movies you should see!

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Author: Karen Bisbicus

Korean cinema is currently having a great impact internationally, as there are undoubtedly outstanding and memorable productions to discuss. The horror genre in Asian films is very well recognized, as the themes, direction, and new approaches make the stories never disappoint, in this case, the turn is for South Korea, which is why you should take a look at this top-of-Korean cinema films, which you need to see and enjoy, with family or friends, as it is suitable only for the bravest.

1. Train to Busan (2016)

Taken from The Globe

This classic zombie movie starring Gong Yoo, who plays a selfish and arrogant office worker father who shares little time with his daughter, must face a virus that has spread throughout Seoul, he will have to do everything possible to protect his daughter and reach the only safe city in the country (Busan).

During his journey to Busan, he will meet survivors who will help him stay alive and change many perspectives of his life.

Emotional, thoughtful, and chaotic, Train to Busan is a Korean cinema film you must see and enjoy.

2. Metamorphosis (2019)

Taken from FilmAffinity

Metamorphosis better known in Spanish as “Los rostros del diablo”, is a film that will completely play with your mind, the plot focuses on a priest who specializes in exorcisms who, after receiving a curse, his brother’s entire family will be affected and begin to be stalked by a demonic species, capable of transforming into each of the members. With unexpected twists and a bitter denouement, this story promises to fulfill your expectations.

3. Death Bell (2008)

Taken from IMDb

This story takes place in a high school, where a group of students, who have obtained high marks in their assessment, begin to be affected by a ghost that disappears one by one. If their lives are to be saved, the solution to the question must be found. 

Death Bell is that movie with an unexpected twist that will leave you shocked by its outcome.

4. Killer toon (2013)

Taken from CNN Indonesia

Everything she draws in her comics comes true, Kang Ji-Joon, a very famous author with a dark past, starts to be linked to recent murder cases in the city.

Why does Ji-Joon portray things before they happen? No doubt, her ending will leave you with a lot to think about.

5. #Alive

Taken from Horror Obsessive

Joon-Woo is a boy who is alone in his apartment, suddenly notices that a zombie apocalypse is invading the whole country, and must try to survive in the hope of reuniting with his family without food and without hope; he begins to lose his sanity. Finally he discovers that he is not the only one who is still alive.

6. Midnight

Taken from IMDb

Midnight is classified as a thriller, but it must necessarily enter this top of recommendations, because it will put your nerves to the surface, throughout the plot. Kyung Mi and her mother are hearing impaired, and one night after leaving work, they become easy prey for a serial killer so despite their hearing impairment, they must manage to stay alive.

Will their hearing impairment be a limiting factor in their defense against the killer?

Undoubtedly, Korean cinema has a lot to prove, because their stories are entertaining, and with great development, resulting in bitter and difficult-to-assimilate endings. Our list of recommendations is more extensive, but for now, it’s your turn to watch and enjoy.

And remember: “life is no fun without a good scare” (Anonymous).

Reader pair: Marisol Montiel 


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