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Author: Karen Lizeth Bisbicus Iles

In recent years, K-pop has had impressive recognition and growth, awakening the interest and curiosity of many people worldwide, due to its incredible choreographies, rhythms, and charismatic artists capable of stealing the hearts of their fans. One of the most recognized companies in Asia is JYP Entertainment (JYPE), which is part of the “Big 4” (SM Entertainment, YG Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, HYBE LABELS), those agencies that marked the history of the South Korean music industry. Although JYPE marked many generations in the previous years with its popular group Wonder Girls, the company has not stopped growing. Currently, it has many very well-known groups such as Twice, Stray Kids, ITZY, 2PM, Day6, NiziU, Xdinary Heroes, and the most recent rookie group NMIXX.

Kicking off this new chapter, Park Jin-Young, better known as “J.Y. Park” or JYP, teamed up with CEO Monte Lipman of Republic Records, a label well known for having artists such as Ariana Grande, The Weeknd, Nicky Minaj, Conan Gray, and Taylor Swift, among other great musicians, to create a female group, under the K-pop system.

Thus, through the reality show A2K, according to its acronym “America2Korea”, the search for these girls began in five cities in the United States: Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Dallas, and LA. During the auditions, skills such as singing, dancing, personality, and character would be tested.

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This pendant would be given to the girls who passed the auditions with J.Y. Park.

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During the auditions, only 11 girls were selected for the next round, where they would be part of the “LA Boot Camp”, a week-long training camp in Los Angeles, where it would be decided who would go to South Korea to start training in Seoul and win their place for the debut. The girls who managed to convince and move JYP were: Camila Ribeaux Valdes, Kendall Ebeling, Lexus Vang, Melissa Kadas, Cristina Lopez Sandiford, Kaylee Lee, Savanna Collins, KG, Misha Salkin, Yuna Gonzales and Gina De Bosschere.

  1. Camila Ribeaux Valdes (17 years old).
Taken from YouTube

2. Kendall Ebeling (16 years old).

Taken from YouTube

3. Lexus Vang (16 years old).

Taken from YouTube

4. Melissa Kadas, 17 years old (Brampton, Ontario, Canada).

Taken from YouTube

5. Cristina Lopez Sandiford (17 years old).

Taken from YouTube

6. Savanna Collins (16 years old).

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7. Kaylee Lee (12 years old).

Taken from YouTube

8. KG Crown, 15 years old (LA, California).

Taken from YouTube

9. Mischa Salkin (13 years old).

Taken from YouTube

10. Yuna Gonzales (17 years old).

Taken from YouTube

11. Gina de Bosschere (13 years old).

Taken from YouTube

LA Boot Camp 

Taken from K-pop Answer

To go to South Korea, each girl had to fill her pendant with four stones, which were identified by color and represented a skill. 

  • Yellow, their dancing ability.
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  • Green, their vocal ability.
Taken from YouTube
  • Red, their star quality.
Taken from YouTube
  • Blue, their personality.
Taken from YouTube

In the end, ten of them made it to South Korea. Unfortunately, according to JYP, Mischa Salkin had a lot of room for improvement, and with tears in their eyes, the contestants gave their partner a warm hug of support.

Taken from YouTube
Taken from YouTube

Three months passed after the LA Boot Camp, where the girls were committed to improving their skills and proving that they deserved to debut. Melissa Kadas, who had been selected to go to Korea, withdrew from the competition for personal reasons but continued to support her teammates. Again, their talents were evaluated as a group and individually, but unfortunately, all of them could not advance to the next phase. Cristina and Gina did not make it to the final lineup, but they certainly have a long road ahead of them and a lot of talent to show.

Taken from YouTube
Taken from YouTube

Those who remained in the final lineup were: Camila (17), Savanna (16), Lexus (16), Kendall (16), KG (15), and Kaylee (13).

Taken from YouTube

Finally, J.Y. Park unveiled the group’s name, VCHA (비춰), which according to the Korean meaning, it is to illuminate and brighten. Their pre-debut video, titled “Y.O.Universe” is a song that was part of the reality show and was officially released on September 13, 2023. In just one month, it has reached more than 10 million views on YouTube. 

We can only wish success and support to VCHA, a group of very talented girls!

Taken from Instagram
Taken from YouTube

Reading pair: Anna Franco Ucar

Revised by: Mar Montiel


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