Quiz: Which Clasic K-Drama Should You Watch?

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Author: Andrea Ramírez Buitrago 

Korean productions are now internationally recognized and it is possible to access them legally through different platforms: however, this is quite far from the scenary of a few years ago for K-Drama fans. It is possible that many of the recent fans do not know some of the classics in which their favorite actors and actresses play. In this short quiz you will discover several K-Dramas that were released before 2015. Do you dare to see which is the perfect production for you?

Taken from 90DayKorean

Which genre do you prefer? 

1) Romance and comedy 

2) Mystery and crime 

3) Romance and youth

4) Melodrama and fantasy 

What type of female protagonist do you prefer? 

1) Funny and kind-hearted 

2) Bitter and intelligent 

3) Shy and reserved 

4) Strong and perseverant

Collage of actors

Which of the following actors do you like?

1) So Ji Sub 

2) Lee Jong Suk

3) Lee Min Ho 

4) Hyun Bin 

What type of male protagonist do you prefer?

1) Vain and arrogant 

2) Intelligent and compassionate 

3) Arrogant and rude 

4) Competent and funny

Collage of singers

Which of the following artists would you like to make the OST?

1) Gummy 

2) Every Single Day 

3) Lee Hong Gi (FT Island) 

4) Baek Ji Young 

Which of the following topics are you interested in?

1) Ghosts

2) Murderers 

3) Inheritance 

4) Magic

Collage of actresses

Which of the following actresses do you like?

1) Gong Hyo Jin

2) Lee Bo Young 

3) Park Shin Hye 

4) Ha Ji Won 

Which of the following profiles do you find interesting?

1) Housekeeper 

2) Lawyer 

3) Student 

4) Stuntwoman

According to the answers the result is….

        8 to 13 points

Taken from Facebook


You have excellent taste! This story will grab you from the first minute. Can you imagine seeing ghosts and finding a man that just by touching him you find peace of mind, this is the story of Joo Joong Woo and Tae Gong Shil. There are touches of drama, romance, comedy and suspense.

14 to 19 points

Taken from WikiDrama


Chasing a murderer and courtroom dramas are the order of the day with this production in which Lee Jong Suk stars as a 19-year-old boy with the ability to hear people’s thoughts. Love can change even the most bitter woman, so give a chance to this SBS drama that will accompany you for 18 episodes.

20 to 25 points

Taken from WikiDrama

HEIRS (2013) 

If you like school romance stories, this is perfect for you! The story of an illegitimate son who has been exiled for years and returns home with an arrogant attitude and ends up falling in love at first sight with the housekeeper’s daughter played by a shy Park Shin Hye. Certainly, this youthful story is accompanied by great actors; if you like drama and romance, you will choose it perfectly.

26 to 32 points

Tomado de WikiDrama


Can you imagine changing bodies with another person? Well, our protagonists undergo this transformation and have a lot of misunderstandings that lead them to be more intimate in their relationship. Undoubtedly, you will not regret watching this work of art that is already more than a decade old but never goes out of style.

I really hope you will explore more about some of the pioneering K-Dramas for various actors and actresses that have great recognition in the present. Even if according to their answers they have only one recommendation, the truth is that the four results are perfect choices to enjoy your time in a fun way. Where do we find these productions? All of them can be found on the Netflix platform.

Reading pair: Karen  Bisbicus

Reviewed by: Marisol Montiel


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