6 Reasons to Visit Museum 1 in Busan

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Author: Luisa Quintero

Busan, with places like the Gamcheon Cultural Village and events like the Busan International Film Festival, could be considered South Korea’s cultural jewel. Also, Busan is home to some of the most unique and interesting museums to visit in the nation of Kimchi, such as Museum 1, a contemporary art museum specializing in media, and the place where history, innovation, and creativity converge to offer a unique experience in the art world. Therefore, in this blog, we will explain the reasons why you should include a stop at Museum 1 in your travel itinerary to the beautiful coastal city of Busan.

Exhibition by Park, Zinoo. Photograph taken by the author.

1. Architecture That Captivates

Located in the Centum City – Busan sector and established in 2019 by Kunst 1, an art agency, Museum 1 consists of some 2,314 ㎡ shaped duplexes. It features 80 million LEDs on the floor, ceiling, and walls to offer a surreal experience that guides visitors to the artwork. From the moment you set foot on the grounds of Museum 1, you are enveloped in its architecture because the building itself is a work of art. The contemporary lines of its design intertwine with traditional elements, creating a fusion that not only houses the craziest and most incredible audiovisual art exhibits but is an artistic expression in itself. In that sense, the structure itself invites visitors to explore its corridors, anticipating the wonders that await within.

Exhibition by Gu, Jieun. Photograph taken by the author.

2. Breathtaking Exhibitions

Museum 1 is a contemporary art museum specializing in multimedia art that, from its name, reflects the desire to expose the number one trends in the digital media art industry. This new genre of museum presents art theories, philosophy, and aesthetics based on the current spirit and trends in the exhibitions and requires not only the work of the conceptual artist but also that of designers, planners, and engineers, who are responsible for the complex assemblies that reflect contemporary artistic trends and challenge the conventional perception of art. In addition, the changing nature of its exhibits makes the museum a place that guarantees a unique and new experience on every visit, and the constant innovation ensures that even if you have visited before, there will always be something new and exciting to discover.

Photograph taken by the author.

3. Focus on Interactivity

Museum 1 is not just a place to look at art; it is a space to experience it. Many of the exhibits invite active participation and reflection, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the artistic creation. From installations that respond to movement to areas where the viewer becomes part of the multimedia work, the museum breaks down traditional barriers between the viewer and the work, creating a deeper connection to the art.

도시의 바다. Photograph taken by the author.

4. Encouraging Local and International Talent

Beyond its exhibitions, Museum 1 stands out for its commitment to expanding the role of social contribution to culture and the arts and providing high-quality artistic spaces. As such, the museum has played a key role in fostering and promoting local and international multimedia artists. Through artistic residencies and outstanding exhibitions, the museum acts as a springboard for emerging talents, contributing significantly to the art scene both in Busan and South Korea in general.

희로애락. Photograph taken by the author.

5. Spaces for Reflection and Relaxation

The rooms that make up Museum 1 have pouffes where visitors can lie down for as long as they like while watching the multimedia exhibition pass around them. This makes them idyllic spaces for visitors to enjoy a moment of serenity and contemplation after exploring the exciting exhibits. Whether alone or with company, Museum 1 is one of the most unique places to spend an afternoon in Busan.


Untitled. Photograph taken by the author.

6. A Strategic Location for a Full Day of Sightseeing

Museum 1 is strategically located in Busan, making it easy to incorporate into a full day of exploration. After immersing yourself in the creativity of the museum, you can explore the local culinary delights and go shopping, because right in the same area you will find the Centum City Industrial Complex Area, one of the most important shopping malls in Busan, which also has a food court where you can find both Korean and international food options for all tastes and budgets. Also in the area, you will find the Busan Exhibition and Convention Center (better known as BEXCO), the city’s conference and exhibition center, where, depending on the time of year, you can attend concerts, symposiums, and other academic or cultural events. Even more importantly, across the street from the museum is the Busan Cinema Center, home of the Busan International Film Festival and an obligatory stop when coming to the city. So if you come to Busan, the Centum City area is a spot in the city where you can spend a full day without getting bored. For your convenience, here’s how to get to Museum 1:

  • By bus 

Take one of the buses (depending on where you are) 141, 155, 40, 5-1, 63, 1001, 1002, or 107, and get off at Centum City Station.

  • By subway

Take Metro Line 2 and get off at Centum City Station. Use exits 6 or 8 to be closer (5 minute walk).

  • By car

Be sure to guide your route with apps like Naver Map or Kakao Map to find the best route to avoid traffic. In the open-air parking lot behind the museum, you get 2 hours free to view the exhibition.

에덴의 재구성. Photograph taken by the author.

Conclusion: An Immersion In The Artistic Richness of Busan

In short, Museum 1 in Busan is not simply a museum; it’s a complete art experience. From its inspiring architecture to its dynamic exhibits and its commitment to the art community, the museum offers countless reasons to be included in your travel itinerary. Whether you’re an art enthusiast, culturally curious, or simply a traveler in search of authentic experiences, Museum 1 invites you to be part of an unforgettable immersion into the creative heart of South Korea.

Reviewed by: Marisol Montiel


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